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Success is on your shoulders

The success you will experience as a welder is a result of you driving your personal growth. When you don’t have the right growth plan for your welding career, you risk serious consequences:

  • Experience: Unless you are trained in real-world settings and scenarios, your ability to face challenges on the job becomes questionable.
  • Qualifications: Not having the right certifications regularly holds welder back from landing their dream job.
  • Abilities: When welders don’t have seasoned welders to mentor them, they lack the wisdom needed to supercharge their career.

It’s time to find the growth plan and school that fights for you to avoid these pitfalls.

Gain a proven plan for success

If you are serious about welding, you are no stranger to determination, persistence, and ceaseless effort. This is what it takes to be a great welder. But there’s a problem… Work ethic is only half of the equation. You need more to be successful on your first job:

1. You need specific skills and real world experience

2. You need certifications that put you in high demand.

3. You need guidance from those who know exactly what employers are looking for.

Don’t just seek help from anybody!

There’s a better way to enter the industry. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. When you leverage the experience of proven instructors who still weld in the industry, you reduce risk & gain confidence.

What’s it worth to you?

Do you know the #1 reason why a lot of welders show up to their first job confused, embarrassed, and regretful?

There is a gap that exists between what welding education is teaching and what the industry demands from a certified welder.

That’s why we started KWI with a grassroots approach. We talked with welders, general foremen, superintendents, and inspectors and designed an educational experience that has all the grit and grind of a job site.

What if a welding school created a well-rounded hand that had all the safety and industry training and credentials that most companies put on their foremen and general foremen?

That’s exactly what we aim to offer you and more:

  • Certifications: Unparalleled number of certifications + choose any certification you want
  • Certified Welding Instructors: Get equipped with knowledge and guidance from those who still work in the industry
  • Equipment: We ensure you have all the gear needed to succeed in your program and on the job site.
  • Real world training and testing: Experience that translates to career success. Go through scenarios and conditions that you will face on your first job so you know exactly what to do.



Job Placement


Certifications Offered

I could not have asked for better training. Where else can you walk out in 6 months with a pocket full of certifications, a padded resume, and confidence in your skill? I turned 19 at a refinery in Texas making $37 per hour and $129 per diem. In 8 months, I had worked for three industry-leading companies and grossed $100,000. I owe it all to my KWI experience.

Blake Hawkins - KWI Graduate

The mission of Kentucky Welding Institute is to glorify God by being

faithful stewards of all that He has entrusted to us. To have a positive

impact on students we train, ensuring they are ready to enter the

workforce and become contributing members of society.

Live justly, love mercy, walk humbly - Micah 6:8